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“They who fight, can lose. They who don’t, have already lost.” – Bertolt Brecht



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Who we are

The New Wood Staff Union was founded in 1998 by a group of United Nations staff members. The main objective of the New Wood Staff Union is having the fundamental rights at work, as well as all human rights, enforced in the Organizations of the United Nations system. It is incomprehensible to deny United Nations employees the right to assert these rights before the United Nations tribunals on the pretext that the jurisdiction of the latter is limited to monitoring compliance with the Staff Regulations and Rules and employment contracts. This attitude is even more incomprehensible when we see other international tribunals applying these rights when they judge organizations that are not the cradle of human rights and when, moreover, their jurisdiction is similarly limited to the application of the Staff Regulations and Rules and employment contracts.  The essential action of the New Wood Staff Union consists precisely in demanding application of all the rights recognized to all the workers in the world to the civil servants of the Organizations of the United Nations system, so that they finally become true human beings, holders of rights, and are no longer obliged to leave these rights in the checkroom when they become civil servants of these Organizations.

Why this name for a union?

The founders of our Staff Union decided to call it “New Wood” because they wanted to counter the claims of their Organization’s Administration that international civil servants were nothing more than “dead wood”.

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Mrs Naima Abdellaoui

Secretary General

M. Jacques VIGNE

Honorary President