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“They who fight, can lose. They who don’t, have already lost.” – Bertolt Brecht

Our Commitment


Dear Members and Sympathizers, Dear colleagues,

We, at New Wood, are very excited and proud to launch this new Website to showcase who we are and what we aim for. This website is also meant to be a channel of communication open to all Staff of the UN System Organizations.

On its 75th anniversary, the UN is at a watershed in its history. We, as staff of the UN, those who make the UN effectively deliver on its mandates, are already sensing that something momentous is in the making that will transform the UN and our lives with it. What is in store may even put an end to the International Civil Service as we know it. This means that, while remote/teleworking may give us some transitory freedom in our daily life, we will lose on job security and benefits in the form of pension and medical insurance contributions and home leave, etc.

Decades of total lack of involvement of the majority of staff in their wellbeing and future in the UN, evidenced by around 70% is the rate of abstention from voting for Staff Reps, coupled with Staff involvement in petty quarrels between themselves, are turning ALL the Staff into the Cinderella of the UN system and is threatening to put us all on the brink of precarity.

What we need, in these dire circumstances, are collective spirit, active individual involvement and unswerving solidarity. Only these can carry us through these uncertain times. Let us demonstrate true solidarity amongst ourselves by voting for a new team of staff representatives in February 2021.

The new circumstances require that there be a better committed and more efficient team that works transparently by genuinely engaging the staff in making Union decisions to be defended before the Administration. This is one more challenge we need to rise to and which we can certainly overcome if we stand together. For together, we can save our future and contribute to making the UN better and stronger

The Secretary General of New Wood

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The term “staff representative bodies”, as used in the present chapter of the Staff Rules, shall be deemed to include staff associations, unions or other corresponding staff representative bodies established in accordance with staff regulation 8.1 (b).

The staff representative bodies shall be entitled to effective participation, through their duly elected executive committees, in identifying, examining and resolving issues relating to staff welfare, including conditions of work, general conditions of life and other human resources policies, and shall be entitled to make proposals to the Secretary-General on behalf of the staff.

In accordance with the principle of freedom of association, staff members may form and join associations, unions or other groupings. However, formal contact and communication on the matters referred to in paragraph (f) above shall be conducted at each duty station through the executive committee of the staff representative body, which shall be the sole and exclusive representative body for such purpose.