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“They who fight, can lose. They who don’t, have already lost.” – Bertolt Brecht



New Wood UN Staff Union and the Swiss Unions

Symmetrical converging line of flags.

New Wood Staff Union of the United Nations

Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the presence of courage in the face of fear.

New Wood is the ONLY Staff Union of UN personnel in Geneva. Being affiliated to the Swiss Trade Union Federation (USS) and the Geneva Confederation of Trade Union Action (CGAS), New Wood fights for the application of fundamental rights at work, including the right to collective bargaining, in order to ensure that you are protected against the deterioration of your working conditions and against arbitrary dismissals. The SHP, the Pay-Cut, Umoja, would not have happened if we had collective bargaining rights! In a collective bargaining system, it would have been impossible for the International Civil Service Commission to unilaterally cut our salaries based on a seriously flawed methodology, and it could even, at the very least, cease to exist!