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“They who fight, can lose. They who don’t, have already lost.” – Bertolt Brecht

Unionize !


Call for Solidarity and Togetherness

Dear Colleagues from UNOG and sister organizations represented in the SCC,

More than ever, your involvement in staff/management relations is crucial. In fact, the future of the International Civil Service may hinge on your contribution and support as staff member.

We are international civil servants who dedicate their entire lives to helping the UN promote its lofty ideals, including the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, SDG 8, and human rights throughout the world. Time has come to have the UN apply those same principles and rights to its OWN Staff too.

  • If you feel that respect for staff members has been waning while it is strongly promoted and advertised in all kinds of trainings and ‘dialogues’;
  • if you feel that management disregards the Staff Rules and Regulations;
  • if you are annoyed that the Medical Service is not independent anymore and that the Staff Counsellor is hired on a short time basis;
  • if you feel that you are pressured to accept to work in an open space office against anyone’s best judgement in view of the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • if you are annoyed that missing the deadline for producing a sick leave certificate may entail rejection of your absence and ‘pay-back’ in annual leave or salary-cuts;
  • if you are annoyed at being censored during townhalls organized by the present-day majority in the SCC;
  • if you are annoyed that recent (sometimes unofficial) “changes” to the Staff Selection System have emboldened nepotism and turned merit-based hiring and promotion into an exception;
  • if you are annoyed to receive signals that the Administration may well use the Covid-19 pandemic to impose uberized contractual employment (agile contract modalities);
  • if you believe that it is in the best interests of the UN to safeguard all the attributes of the international civil service and security of employment that are the only guarantors of staff independence and UN cost-efficiency;
  • if you have started to doubt that the mechanisms meant to ensure accountability perform in accordance with the core values and competencies of the UN;
  • if you want to improve this situation and make the UN better, to hold management accountable legally and ethically, in real life;
  • if you want your opinions and interests to be taken into consideration;

Come on board and become a member because New Wood Staff Union will work hard to make the UN act towards its staff in accordance with the principles it is promoting worldwide.

For more information, please contact membership [@]

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